Innovate Finance Global Summit 2015 (#IFGS2015)

As founding members of Innovate Finance, Percentile are very much looking forward to this inaugural event. The summit will welcome over 700 leaders and influencers from the financial technology sector to discuss and learn how to build a sustainable banking sector. The event will explore the impact of FinTech developments on a number of areas such as social inclusion, digital banking and financial literacy for the next generation.

The day event taking place at the Guildhall in the City of London, where we will be showcasing our flagship product RiskMine – a high performance risk technology platform designed to address the increasingly complex risk reporting and regulatory challenges of risk managers.

Key members of Percentile’s management and technology team will be present in the member showcase area. You can also connect with us during the event via Twitter (@pcentile).

More information at IFGS2015