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What We Do

We focus on the needs of Risk Officers at Capital Markets firms and enable holistic firm-wide risk management. With innovative technology we enhance transparency, granularity, consistency and timeliness of risk reporting for both internal and regulatory requirements (e.g. Stress Testing, Basel III, BCBS 239 & FRTB). Our clients include global investment banks, hedge funds and asset managers.

How We Do It

With automation, good data management and removal of black box and spreadsheet-driven risk processes, we can deliver solutions in weeks. Our robust and scalable technology integrates with Front Office analytics to deliver Stress Testing, Market Risk and Credit Risk across all business lines and asset classes.

Why Percentile

We understand the needs of Risk Officers and the demands of regulators. Our experienced team and technology has been in use for over 10 years within global investment banking. With innovative technology, we reduce costs while improving the overall robustness of your risk management process.

We Deliver

Data Quality

Risk data management and governance are key to producing trustworthy risk reports. However, data cleaning and maintenance can take up a huge amount of valuable time and resources when done manually. We provide market data time series and reference data management with automated data cleaning and visualisation tools so Risk Officers can get back to risk management rather than data management.

Stress Testing

Regulatory simulations, on-demand what-if scenarios and full-revaluation portfolio stress testing is made possible with a unique integrated and federated approach. Our modular technology for scenario generation and distributed computing allows firms to easily handle the volumes required now and grow for the future.

Risk Aggregation

To get a true firm-wide view of risk, you not only require data collection, cleaning, aggregation and good reporting capability but also the ability to drill into the most granular level of detail. Our risk aggregation platform delivers all this and more. Firms can have all their market, credit, counterparty and liquidity risk in one place - with all the history that they require.

Empower users

  • Do more Risk Management and less data management.
  • With users in control and invisible IT you can create your own reports, specify ad hoc scenarios and answer complex questions without relying on IT support.

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Pinpoint the fundamental drivers of risk

  • See firm-wide risks in one place with centralised aggregation of all market and credit exposures across multiple business lines.
  • Instantly see your exposures to individual counterparties or regions across the business.
  • Answer the "Why?" with easy access to fine-grained data, for all live and historical risk calculations.
  • Slice and dice with beautiful web-based BI tools as well as native Excel pivot tables. Drill into the smallest detail to identify market movements with just a few clicks.

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Keeping up with regulations need not be daunting

  • Expected Shortfall, Value at Risk (VaR), Stress VaR, ad hoc stress tests and regulatory stress tests easily configured.
  • User defined reports, scenarios and analysis allows for quick turnarounds. Scenario creation is made fast and easy.
  • Distributed computation for scaling out calculations.
  • An extensible architecture allows for rapid development of new features.

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