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Torstone Acquires Percentile

We Empower Risk Managers in Capital Markets

Risk Managers need to answer complex questions from the business, investors and regulators. Percentile helps them do this faster with more confidence in their data.

Investment Banks

Regulations demand that Risk and Front Office align data, models and reporting. Percentile help banks address regulatory challenges including FRTB and BCBS239.

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Investment Managers

Hedge Funds, Asset Managers and Pension Funds currently rely on black-box or spreadsheet-based processes for risk analysis. See how Percentile unlocks the power of risk data and improve Risk Management.

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Canary is the latest addition to RiskMine. Say goodbye to static, end-of-day risk reporting and hello to real-time, streaming and interactive risk analytics.

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Focus on Improving Risk Management

Integrate Risk & Front Office

Create one version of the truth, and bring together the data and risk pricing that makes Risk a trusted partner to the Front Office

Embrace the Cloud

The ever increasing burden of regulations requires a robust and scalable approach to Risk Technology, with the agility to adapt to change over time.

Unify Risk

Bring together all sources of Risk data to achieve a firmwide view and total control of risk with transparency to the most granular transaction level detail.

On-demand, Self Service Reporting

Spreadsheets are great for analysis, not as a database. Our automation replaces the manual work to help risk professionals reduce data management and get back to risk management.

Production Ready Risk Technology

For over 10 years, the team and technology at Percentile as evolved together while solving the complex challenges faced in risk and regulations across Capital Markets.

Risk Data Management

We provide market data time series and reference data management with automated data cleaning and visualisation tools so Risk Officers can get back to risk management rather than data management.

Stress Testing

Regulatory simulations, on-demand what-if scenarios and full-revaluation portfolio stress testing is made possible with a unique integrated and federated approach.

Risk Aggregation

Percentile’s risk aggregation platform delivers all this and more. Firms can have all their market, credit, counterparty and liquidity risk in one place – with all the history that they require.


Percentile focuses on the needs of Risk Officers at Capital Markets firms and enable holistic firm-wide risk management. With innovative modern technology we enhance transparency, granularity, consistency and timeliness of risk reporting for both internal and regulatory requirements (e.g. Stress Testing, Basel III, BCBS 239 & FRTB). Our clients include global investment banks, hedge funds and asset managers.

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Why Percentile

Our team and technology has experienced the ups and downs of financial markets. From the boom in the pre-crisis years that required nimble and scalable solutions to the era of onerous regulations and the increased need for granularity and frequency. A battle hardened focus on staying one step ahead at all times.

How We Do It

With automation, good data management and removal of black box and spreadsheet-driven risk processes, we can deliver solutions in weeks. Percentile’s robust and scalable technology integrates with Front Office analytics to deliver Stress Testing, Market Risk and Credit Risk across all business lines and asset classes.

One version of the truth

With risk as an enabler, Percentile creates one version of the truth. True transparency means that data can be challenged at all ends of the business. True transparency is not limited to hindsight – we allow interrogation of past and future risk and how it impacts your performance. We show you what true transparency means.

Battle Hardened

Percentile’s technology is born out of 50+ years of development, fortified by the daily rigours of sell-side and buy-side trading – driven by an obsession with analysing risk from all angles. This is a team and technology which has worked together from the pre-crisis growth period to post-crisis fixation on ever-increasing regulations. The result: a battle hardened DNA that runs through both team and technology.

Astute Technology

We drill deeper. Percentile’s technology goes beyond the superficial numbers churned out by the platforms most have grown used to. We can understand the reasons for risk – we question, interrogate and consolidate so that risk can be seen as an enabler to drive performance.

Output Without Agitation

Seamless integration is the dream many sell, but is the reality we offer. We’re not looking to cannibalise or rip out existing investments in technology. We understand the pain it takes to integrate with existing infrastructure and have evolved to fit gently into any environment. Friction-free integration means we deliver at an immense pace to prove results in weeks.

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Our Team

For over 10 years, the team at Percentile has worked together to build technology to service the needs of Risk Management at a global financial institution. With innovation at the heart of the development process, the team is passionate about technology and proud of its successful track record.