Percentile Roundtable – FRTB Focus

In November 2017, Percentile invited leading experts and internal Risk & Regulatory leaders from various banks to an FRTB Roundable to discuss the key challenges posed by FRTB, and how banks could use FRTB to deliver insights to the business.

The roundtable was held in London and we thank our guests who braved a wet and grey English evening to produce what was a lively and informative event.

The attendees represented major European, Canadian, Japanese and South African banks. Professor Moorad Choudhry in his inimitable fashion led the discussion across a wide range of topics that covered both IMA and SA challenges.

The attendees represented firms that are IMA focused as well as purely SA focused. They helped shine a light on various regulatory and geographical differences in the uptake and priority of FRTB and also showed examples of how senior management at banks can differ in their take on FRTB.

For all the details you can read the full write-up here (PDF).

This paper summarises the discussion as it unfolded during the evening and attempts to categorise and derive useful nuggets of information. Finally, even though the discussion lasted over 90 minutes, we found certain questions still looking for answers (see the write-up for details). We will follow these up in subsequent round tables.


SA vs IMA – a clear divide
Optimism vs Reality
Learning from TRIM
IMA – focus on modellability
Unintended consequences
Unanswered questions


Intesa Sanpaolo
Investec Bank

Mitsubishi UFG

Moorad Choudhry, Chair

Anthony Pereira, Percentile
Steve Hicks, Percentile