Time Series Management for risk calculations that requires a lot of market data from many different sources, both internal and external. Managing the required data can become a tedious and complex task, often done manually by risk management teams. RiskMine Chronos is designed to manage all types of time series data with APIs for easy integration.

Automated collection and sophisticated cleaning algorithms, with built-in connectors for multiple data vendors, Chronos will centralise all market data for risk creating a single source of truth. Central data provides canonical identifiers and consistent data across all risk reports.

Automated Data Collection

  • Bloomberg Per Security & Back Office
  • Reuters Data Select
  • Markit, Xignite, iVolatility, OptionMetrics, etc.
  • Moody’s, S&P etc.
  • Internal databases and front office systems


  • Easy to use APIs
  • Flexible file format
  • Easily copy & paste to and from Excel
  • Pluggable exception logic


A sophisticated user interface gives access to all the time series data with the ability to edit and approve data points for downstream calculations, providing built-in audit trails and security.

  • Desktop application
  • 2D and 3D visualisation
  • Browse and interact with the data
  • Create composite data series
  • Exception Search
  • Data approval

Data Quality

Powerful user-defined rules for exception searching, data cleaning and automated approvals reduce manual data management significantly, including corporate actions and dynamic data subscriptions.

  • User defined exception rules
  • NMRF monitoring and tagging
  • Automated approval
  • Gap interpolation
  • Exception reports
  • Audit Trails
Data Integration

RiskMine Chronos is a standalone module of RiskMine and can be installed independently of other components. It is designed to integrate quickly into existing environments and systems.