Percentile is a diverse team of risk, regulation and technology experts who have worked together for over a decade, solving technology and regulatory challenges across Front Office and Risk Management in Capital Markets. The team brings together deep industry experience and a passion for technology to help our clients accomplish their risk and regulatory objectives with ease.


Anthony Pereira Founder & CEO
Anthony has been developing software since the mid-90s, working on "big data" much before it became vogue. He has spent time in technology companies in the US followed by twelve years as a financial technologist at a global investment bank. He was Global Head of Risk Technology at KBC Financial Products followed by being the Head of Front Office technology at KBC Investments prior to founding Percentile.
Chris Miller, CTO
Chris Miller Founder & CTO
With over 20 years of experience as a software engineer and architect, Chris spent 8 years working on the risk technology platform for KBC Financial Products and KBC Investments. He has a wealth of experience in high-performance software and spearheaded the development of RiskMine's scalable distributed computing architecture.
Steve Hicks Co-Founder
Steve has worked on Percentile's Risk Technology platform for over 8 years. Specialising in the quantitative side of the technology, he also excels in creating the perfect user experience. Prior to finance, Steve was a technologist in the world of high-energy physics.
Nikolay Metchev Co-Founder
Nikolay has also worked on Percentile's Risk Technology platform for over 8 years. His passion is cutting-edge technology and staying ahead of the curve. Specialising in the data warehousing and data pipeline automation, he is also our Cloud expert. Prior to financial technology, Nikolay was in the world of telecoms software.

Board Advisors

Brian Collings Chairman of the Board
Brian has over 25 years experience of team, project, executive and board level management in a variety of high profile roles in the financial sector. He is the CEO of Torstone Technology, a provider of middle and back office solutions. Previously he was CIO and COO of KBC Financial Products, before which he worked at UBS and Royal Bank of Scotland.
John Barker Advisor to the Board
John advises Percentile's Board on business development, strategy and growth. He brings over 30 years of experience in Capital Markets and operations at venues including Liquidnet and Instinet and a first hand understanding of the need for solid board level visibility of risk for corporate governance in banks